This is why you are lazy!

// 25 November 2017

Have you ever been in the that stagnant state, watching while life flows by? Have you ever been in that state where you lack the desire to do anything productive? You just prefer to amass temporary satisfaction of surfing the net, engaging in meaningless discussions only to sink into depression as unaccomplished tasks stare at your face? Do you feel deep down your heart that you are not where you are meant to be, yet with each new day, you sink deeper into Laziness?

Have you accepted the crown of Laziness? Relaxed your oars and lay on your back on deck and watch your boat sail without its captain?

Are you tired of this state? Are you tired of tormenting yourself? Are you tired of wasting life?
Then this article is for you!

Life begins when you do these things I recommend.

1. Sleep early…. Yeah! I get. You are a late bird and after wasting your bed time talking on phone or browsing, you hit your bed by 2am and wake by 8am. A lazy day starts already. Your mind is cloudy. Your senses are dulled. You are already on road to a repeat of yesterday just by a singular mistake of sleeping late.

2. Be Organized!

Yes, I know your closet is a mess. Mine is sometimes. Get to work. Clear it out. Get a broom, sweep. Cobweb. Dust. Arrange those books. Tidy your office space. Juggle things up. Cleanliness is next to conquering Laziness.

3. Stop Distractions.

Yes! just as you are about to start that work, a very important call comes in. Pick it and cut the message short. A kind “hello, please I will call you later” will do the trick. Don’t indulge that overwhelming urge to glance Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. When it’s work time, it’s beast mode. Unleash your beast and tackle your tasks, punch by punch.

4. Remove the lazy tag.

For years, I have worn the: “I’m not a morning person” tag proudly. It covered me when I woke up late and when I underperform. My practical productive day usually began by 11-12pm. But no more. Tear off that tag. You are not that. Denounce Laziness. Stop hiding under mediocrity. Stop flocking with chicken when the eagles beckon on you to soar. Rise and ascend your throne in the skies.

5. Be realistic with your to do list.

My step mother used to call me, Oji onu egbutu Orji… Meaning she who cuts the Iroko tree with her mouth. This is because I would cramp up a year’s task in a day, then I would begin to boast about it and then feel the momentary pleasure of the possibility of achieving it all. Then , the next phase sets in , where I would become overwhelmed. The mere thought of the tasks depresses me because of its enormous size. At the end of the day, I won’t achieve any at all. So, Chi-family , be realistic in your mapped out tasks. Focus.! Pick one task and see it through.

6. Beware of fine talkers. Action speaks louder than words. Be proactive. Be driven. Jump into the task, head first. Be firm. Be resolute. It’s either your swim or you sink. It is you against you. So, don’t indulge in excuses. Work till your back breaks and soon your body will adjust to work.

7. Pick your poison and swallow your frog.

Always face the tasks your fear the most first. If you don’t like to read… Read!
If you don’t like to run… Run!
If you don’t like to write… Write!
Start from what you hate most. Face that monster squarely and you will realize that it is only but a mere shadow. A toothless bulldog! Get to work!

8. See your Vision!

Don’t just force yourself to write but tell yourself why you should write . Remind yourself that if you write you are closer to becoming an award winning writer. Don’t just tell yourself to shun junk food but remind yourself of that beautiful body image you so desire then tell yourself that junk will never give that to you. Believe in the power and the possibility of your vision. Believe that if you start today to run towards your dreams, you will accomplish your goals in the next 6 months. Life will become easier. It is always hard at the beginning. Get a picture of the dream car, dream house, you want to buy and tell yourself that this is what you are working for. Remember the countless people waiting on you to rise so you can help them rise too, remember them and scream down procrastination. Remember the efforts your parents put in your education and the beautiful life you have promised and work a little harder. Run a little faster. Fight a little harder. For their sakes and the sakes of all that you hold dear… Failure is never an option.

9. Reward yourself!

When you hit your mark… Don’t wave it off. Celebrate it. Rejoice! Feel Dopamine flow through you. Relish your success like the taste of fine food. Dance! Jump! Pat yourself on the back. Share it with me as a message. Because all these will motivate you to keep going every single day. ??????

We, Chi-family, have no other choice but to win!
I am winner! Are you too? Share this with ten winners you know.

With love,
Chioma Ngaikedi


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