The Groom Episode 1

African Stories
// 28 February 2020
The Groom Episode 1

He likes his maidens with dainty feet and toenails painted with uli. So, when he first saw her, the uli at the tip of her toes called to him. Pulling him in like a mother comforting a crying child.

Her body was molded exactly as he loved it. The Ake wrapper hung loosely at her waist, covering her wide, full hips that jiggled and swayed as she walked. Her breasts were bare, full and pointed, standing tall at her chest like a hunter pointing his gun.

So, when the Otigba Masquerade began to chase, the maidens screamed and scattered about, Nnanna ‘s eyes followed her. He watched her leap over the fallen palm trunk before dashing into the empty village store by Mazi Icheke’ s palm wine shop. Then, she ran to the left corner and squatted on the floor, wrapping her hands around her body, her eyes darted back and forth for any sign of the masquerade.

That was when he walked over.

He got to the door and stamped his feet twice to announce his presence.

Onye?” he heard her whisper.

Madu” Nnanna replied as he pushed the broken hinges of the door and walked in. Cobwebs falling from thatched ceiling, hung in thicken lumps.

“You are afraid of the masquerade,” he observed.

She nodded repeatedly, her eyes wide with fear. She looked a lot younger at a closer view. Her face, more beautiful. Round white eyes glowing against her dark skin, her hair plaited with black thread was packed together at the apex of her head, the tiny cowries hanging at the tips, jiggled each time she moved her head.

Ama la m mmugwu. I have been initiated into the cult of the masquerades,” he said beating his chest, pride glowing in his eyes. “Bia, I will take you across.”

Daalu,” she said as she rose. Striking her buttocks twice to remove the dust from her behind.
Nne m, ziri m ozi. My mother sent me on an errand, if I don’t return quickly. I will be punished”

Nnanna smiled and extended his hand. She quickly grabbed it, muttering her gratitude, her breast pressed into his arm, her nipple grazed his chest. He felt his groins stir. His heart missed a beat. His throat dried. He must have this one girl, he vowed as he opened the door and led her out of the store into the square.

Watch out for THE GROOM episode 2.

With love,
Chioma Ngaikedi.

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