Sacrifice Flash Duel Finalists Lock Horns

Flash Fiction Contest
// 30 October 2018

Sacrifice Flash Duel Finalists lock horns in what would be the most fiercely contested duel in the competition.

You might recall that the semifinals had three contestants competing for one of two spots in the final round. However, one of these three contestants, (Daniel Mofobi) in the sacrifice flash duel has stepped down for personal reasons leaving only two contestants who automatically zoom into the finals.

Given this development, the previous semi-final duel stands nullified.

The remaining two contestants, Julie Onoh and Ogechukwu Kanma Samuel will move on to compete in the the Sacrifice Flash Duel finals.

It’s going to be a clash of creativity, a battle of words. Let the best win!

Of these two Sacrifice Flash Duel Finalists, who do you think will win?

Good luck writers. Let your pens bleed!

With love,
Chioma Ngaikedi.

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