African Stories
// 28 November 2016

LoveI shall wait for him to love me,

I shall kneel in prayer till my knees bleed.

My Knight, where art thou?

I await your entrance in glory.

Of fanfare and trumpet,

to claim my hands and fill my limbs,

and make me whole.

I await the joy you will bring.

The kisses that will bring forth my smile,

I lay in wait for your promises,

to fulfill every desire of my heart.

You will paint my life in colors of vibrancy,

and take me to earth’s end

and open my eyes to new wonders.

But, then I beseech myself to awake.

To wake to this life of boundless joy,

to a life of self-responsibility and discipline,

to a life of freedom and joy,

Knowing that your smiles is yours to keep

and your joy is yours to guard.

Less the dark nights ruin the fun.

Oh no dear child, no Knight is coming to your rescue.

For you are not bound in chains, you are capable.

You are a queen and shall sit by your king.

You will be his support system.

His rock of strength and shield.

You shall be strong for your daughters

And counsel the youth of your beloved generation

Nothing is more complimentary than love,

It’s the beginning and end of a pole.

Love is yours, your life, your flaws.

Love is the air in your lungs,

the nourishment in your guts,

and the vision playing out before your eyes,

evident in the seen and unseen.

Love is you, understanding that you are worth more.

It is you, as your own Knight.

It is you, saving yourself from the looming peril

It is your courage, fighting your battles.

It is you, loving your own company.

It is the world, living in absolute peace

Love begins with you.

African Stories, Poetry

One thought on “LOVE BEGINS WITH ME

  1. Ekanem says:

    I like this…

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