Love and Smokes – A Short Story

African Stories
// 11 January 2020
Love and Smokes - A Short Story

We all claim to be strong. We light our eyes up, pin a bright smile on our faces as we say to all who care to listen: “Yeah, I’m fine.”
We could accompany that with a shallow laughter or an arm waving in the air or a rapid blinking of the eyes. We will hide our truth at all cost.

These are the first signs of broken. First signs of hurt that has gone deep into the soul. When you love to the point of pain. When you give a part of you away. When you open your heart and hurl the content of your soul unto his palms.

What words did he say?

Was it the cascading curves of his arm or the slight stammer in his voice when he called you honey. Baby. Sweetie.. And every other beautiful name he whispered as he worshiped at your feet. With trail of kisses lingering from your toes up to your calf. To the hand sliding down your thighs and the mouth pressed unto your lips.

You had hoped for forever.

But when the doctor looked at the both of you, deep lines creased his forehead. He had said- “No… cannot be. This genotype curse will bring you both pain in later life.”

So, that night was goodbye. You held his hands as he stared at the stars casting shadows around your head. The night was your witness. The grass was your bed. Cold air blowing up your limbs. As you dug up the red earth, he dug his. In light laughter and joking jabs you two laid your memories unto the open earth. With trembling fingers, you both covered the graves.None of you knew what laid ahead.

Yours was a shallow grave. Because memories will haunt you years after. The pain will linger long after the moon fades. Your parts will remain missing, long after he has gone. Long after his voice has faded into silence. You will see him daily, living the dreams that you had whispered to each other at the throes of passion. You will see his son in another woman’s arms. You will catch his glimpse and your heart will freeze.

You will love him still long after he has gone.

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