Connect Nigeria Writers Conference 2019

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// 28 June 2019
Connect Nigeria Writers Conference 2019

It’s the Connect Nigeria Writers Conference 2019

Are you writer?

Do you seek for ways of turning your passion for writing into a profitable business?

Do you wish to earn sustainable income from your writing career?

Then attend the Connect Nigeria Writers Conference where successful and experienced writers including your very own Chioma Ngaikedi discuss all about making money from writing.

As you know, beyond the fame and accolades that come with writing and getting published, there is also the business side of writing which, unfortunately is rarely studied by emerging writers. The Connect Nigeria Conference 2019 is therefore designed to educate you on monetizing your passion for writing.

Therefore, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity if you’re an emerging writer hoping to earn good income from writing.

Details of the Connect Nigeria Writers Conference 2019

The theme of the conference is “The Business of Writing: Translating Writing Into Money

The date of the Conference is September 21, 2019

The venue of the conference is Oriental Hotel, Lagos

Time of the event 10am – 5pm

Participation in this totally free

You’re welcome to attend the event. You can also follow the event from anywhere around the world using the hashtag #CNWritersConference2019

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