African Stories
// 9 February 2018
Pen of Roses Flash Fiction Contest

Yaaaaaayyyyy! This is an opportunity for Writers to showcase their craft. In this season of love, writers must shine bright. Speak love through the tip of your pens!
This is yet another contest and 10,000naira is up for grabs.

This beautiful Pen of Roses Flash Fiction Contest is sponsored by Erin Kathleen and an anonymous person. They both donated 5,000naira each. Chi-family please, show some love to our sponsors! ???

Yaaaaaayyyyy! So, writers, let’s go there. Dust your pens. Shake off every writer’s block. 10,000naira is standing at your door; open and let it in.

Yes, by all means, tag your friends and share this post! Let every writer participate! Oshe! I am super excited already.

Please see the banner for the details of the competition.

Thanks Martinz Jnr for the beautiful graphics design! ????

With love,
Chioma Ngaikedi.

African Stories

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