Chioma Ngaikedi: Sahara’s Claws – A collection of Short Stories

Sahara's Claws
50 great stories filled with drama, suspense and tension, letting you into the realities of the human society in perspectives beyond yours:
  • Diversity in Content. The 50 Stories contained in the book cut across different settings, cultural backgrounds, issues and perspectives, thus making the book quite appealing to every lover of fiction.
  • Flash fiction at its best. All the stories included in the book are flash fiction. To this end, readers are exposed to awesome literary pieces that can sharpen their skills in flash fiction writing.
  • Simple Language ... The presentation of stories in this book is done in very simple language. This makes the book suitable for almost all categories of readers as well as writers at all levels, from amateurs to professional writers.

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What Sahara’s Claws Offers

Entertainment in its most diverse form

Sahara’s Claws sets its readers up for the most suspense filled and thrilling reading experience. You get so immersed in the story by the vivid and picturesque description of scenes, events and emotions. You’re sure to be kept at the edge of your seat until you’re done reading a particular story. Indeed, you can convert your supposedly boring journey into equivalent hours of super entertainment by having Sahara’s Claws as your companion. From Horror to romance, adventure and even sub-human experiences, you’re guaranteed the most enjoyable and perhaps addictive experience with the book.

Learning tool for writers and lovers of fiction

Francis Beacon said “He who reads will one day think to write”. While lovers of flash fiction will be inspired by this book to start writing what they love, writers,both green and professionals would find Sahara’s Claws a very resourceful learning material. The author fashioned the book to appeal to all categories of writers drawing from her experience in grooming upcoming writers. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to realize your dreams in fiction writing.

Insights on historical events

Sahara’s Claws presents historical concepts and perspectives in very short and entertaining form, such that even those who might not fancy history books could still be kept abreast of their ancestral experiences. For instance, Adesuwa’s Spine takes you back in time to the cultures of ancient Bini Kingdom that placed little value on human life especially in the event of the interment of a monarch. Also,Pacific 411 is a story that brings to life the dehumanizing experience of slave trade. It tells the story of the gruesome exploitation our ancestors suffered at the hands of slave traders.1967 and Before Biafra both tell the story of the Nigerian civil war in entirely new perspectives.When the Devil was Born Man shares the ugly and dehumanizing experiences that characterized the Nazi onslaught.

A more holistic perspective to Life

Life they say is like a book; if you don’t travel, you read only a page. Sahara’s Claws allows you to understand life and its challenges in perspectives beyond yours by bringing to you the experiences of people in other climes, all in an entertaining form; much like edutainment. Crux and Crux II for instance show the extremes couples would go, even to the extent of doing the abominable just in search of a child. Sacrifice and Sunset in Zaria are stories that both bring you face-to-face with the stark realities and ugly experiences religious extremism has unleashed on communities, splitting once united people apart.

About Chioma Ngaikedi

Chioma Ngaikedi, author of Sahara’s Claws has for the past couple of years been involved in building an online platform to groom upcoming writers and encourage experienced writers to share ideas and experiences with fellow writers. She has successfully created a rendezvous for writers across genres and nationalities Indeed, it is the experience gathered while building this rendezvous that has inspired the writing of Sahara’s Claws. 

Sahara's Claws

Academic material for schools and colleges

Are you a teacher, instructor or proprietor of a school or college? Then, you would find Sahara’s Claws a worthy material for your students, especially those studying literature and related art disciplines. Ensure that your library is stocked with copies of Sahara’s Claws and you would have provided your students with the most invaluable material for their success in literary studies.

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Why Wait? Get the book now (PDF Copy):

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